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Death Rides Again - Janice Hamrick MY THOUGHTSABSOLUTELY LOVED ITJocelyn is still teaching high school in Austin, on the fence about the hunky detective, Colin, she recently met and long distance dating, Alan, who now lives in Dallas full time. Thanksgiving at Uncle Kel's ranch is a family reunion that comes with a lot of baggage. The biggest of course is her two boyfriends that Kyla invites without Jocelyn's knowledge. Her cousin, Ruby June, is found to have been abused by her husband, Eddy, who turns up dead and Ruby has now disappeared. Jocelyn witnesses Eddy meeting with someone who might be his murderer. As Jocelyn's jumps to more than conclusions in this latest installment, you wonder if she will make it out alive.Told with a lot of humor, a touch of romance, Hamrick brings life to this Texan mystery. All of the characters are memorable and you will be wondering who Jocelyn picks as her one boyfriend. Parts of Jocelyn's escapes remind me of an I Love Lucy episode and had me really laughing out loud. There is just enough tension and suspense that will make you want to finish in one night. I always have a great time reading Hamrick's stories and just wish that these were released more than once a year.

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