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Starbounders - Adam Jay Epstein,  Andrew Jacobson MY THOUGHTSABSOLUTELY LOVED ITImagine that there is a secret "outerverse" beyond our own universe, a place in space that is hidden from even the most astute astronomer. Now imagine that preteens are trained to work in said space with aliens from other planets! Yes, in Starbounders, teens are trained to be "kids in black"! Zachary comes from a family of fighters that are sworn to protect the universe from evil. As Zachary moves into his new school to continue his education after eighth grade. There he meets up with Kaylee, another human and Ryic, an alien but still very human-like. Parts of this book really reminded me of a Jumanji - Star Wars mixed with a bit of Star Trek and throw in some Hitchhikers Guide, the younger years, and you will understand what I am talking about.This story should really appeal to middle grade boys, that really hard to please class that enjoy bathroom humor along with some spacey ideas. The story really becomes exciting when the group takes off on their first mission. I can see that this series will be an exciting adventure. This story would also be a great book to read out loud for younger kids, although I can imagine that it would turn into one of those books that the parents will also want to stay up just an extra chapter as well. The dialogue is just wonderful and I really enjoyed all of the alien descriptions.

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