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Can't Help Falling in Love  - Bella Andre MY THOUGHTSABSOLUTELY LOVED ITMegan and her daughter, Summer, are rescued from their burning apartment in San Francisco by firefighter, Gabe Sullivan. The girls make it out, but Gabe is hit on the head by a beam. Megan finds him in the hospital and thanks him and while she is now a widow, she doesn't plan on ever falling in love again. Neither does Gabe, but both of them can't help but feel a spark between them, something that could ignite into a real fire between the two. (Can't help falling for puns! - permission to groan granted!)I can't believe that this series just keeps getting better. Summer, really shines in this book and almost takes over with her rapid insights and precociousness. Several times, I thought that she said exactly what needed to be said to get Megan to move closer to Gabe, as well as forcing Gabe's hand a few times. There are some steamy scenes as well, which are so well done and really add to the story rather than just gratuitous filler. Now, I can't wait until I Only Have Eyes For You, which will shine a light on Sophie, a librarian! YAY!

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