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What a Wicked Earl Wants

What a Wicked Earl Wants - Vicky Dreiling MY THOUGHTSABSOLUTELY LOVED ITLaura Davenport, the daughter of a vicar has married for love and even though he is twenty-four years her senior, she is really happy and adores his son, Justin. So when, mere months after they marry, he becomes ill and passes away. She has been Justin's mother in all ways and now that he is seventeen, he is starting to act out, carousing and drinking. The Earl of Bellingham, known as Bell, is a known rake and has an eye to bed the lovely widow. Bell show up on her doorstep to confront Laura about her problems with reigning Justin in. The uncle has also heard rumors of Justin's wild ways and sets off to assert his guardianship while Bell is there with Laura.In a moment of panic, Laura tells the uncle that the two are engaged and he has nothing to worry about. Bell, a sworn bachelor, goes along with the plan, but soon finds his plans changing as well as he becomes more intrigued with Laura. Bell has lost his entire family and has no plans to ever be in the position to care about people again. As this pair become friends, a true romance builds even though both swear they never will marry. As Bell helps Justin, he develops a connection with the boy and with his step-mother. Yes, there are some really swoon worthy moments.I adore how Dreiling really can create a scenario which rings true for the time period. You can actually imagine the scheming that women must take on during the Regency period since they are no more than property during this time period. The characters show a wonderful depth, especially with Bell, as he confides his loses to Laura. Even the secondary characters of Justin and Laura's friend Lady Atherton, are very noteworthy. She also has pinned evil on the deserving uncle. Now, I can't wait until the next one in this series!

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