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The Baby Planner

The Baby Planner - Josie Brown Katie Johnson starts a new career as a "baby planner" or momcierge after losing her job as a tester for product safety. Her husband, Alex, has promised her that they would discuss having their own child when he makes partner at his financial firm. Alex is reluctant to have his own children after losing his son in a nasty divorce. He puts Katie off and then tells her he has no intention of ever fathering another child again, so Katie does a few things that she won't be proud of in the morning.As Katie starts to build friendships through her new business, she learns more and more about herself and what really makes her happy. Her twin sisters are both parents and soon-to-be parents of two kids each and their parental happiness starts to really drag her down even though she loves them to pieces. After some devastating news about her father's health and a conversational slip, she learns that something that changes her whole perspective on life and sends her on a quest. There are several major twists and turns that makes Katie realize that she has more than she ever expected.I could not put this book down once I started and I was so engaged in Katie's world that I really wanted to hurt Alex physically since he was so darn right evil. I found the whole story very believable even though there are a few points that probably would never happen to the same person all at once. This is the perfect book for spring since it will put you in a good mood and get you distracted from the horrible weather everyone has been experiencing lately. If you like Sophie Kinsella, Sarah Pekkenan or Melissa Senate, you will love Josie Brown's writing.

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