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Bond Girl

Bond Girl - Erin Duffy MY THOUGHTSLOVED ITAlex's father works in a bank, which she thinks is extremely glamorous, so when she graduates from college and she is determined to get a job at Wall Street firm. She lands the job and finds the ultimate boys club which is raunchy, full of hazing and practical jokes. There is only one other woman working on the floor, who Alex nicknames Cruella. Now, as far it sounds like a bad drama on paper, but the story really shines. I originally thought this book was a memoir and the author does state that a lot of the incidents are based on facts, things that happened to her when she worked at a large Wall Street firm. There are tales of too much alcohol, late nights, expense accounts gone wild and being the only girl, some romance. This is more a story about finding yourself, learning your strengths and weaknesses and well, basically growing up. Alex is an extremely likable character. You want to cheer for her when she is being abused by the boys' club. Those same boys do take her under their wing when she proves to be undefeatable. They try to help her out when things get rough at work. The main guy in her corner turns out to be a cad. Like most guys in her business, he is only out for himself. When the workplace romance falls through, the guys tell her she was too good for him. (I was nodding my head in agreement with this one!) My favorite moment came when Alex herself plays a practical joke on the object of her affections. She adds a zero to each line of his girl scout cookie order, thereby ordering over $300 in cookies. As Wall Street unravels after 9/11, she finds herself still with a job but on the receiving end of sexual harassment by a client. Her old boss has been let go and the new one does nothing to protect her. Becoming more and more physically ill because of this, she quits and finds even more inner strength. Overall, this is a different sort of chick lit and really a new take on the girl triumphing over love and work. There are late nights with too much alcohol, inappropriate infatuations with the wrong guy and finding true inner strength. It has some dark tendencies, much like Madeline Wickham (I like these books better than those written as Sophie Kinsella) and find that Erin Duffy has a really unique voice which I would love to hear more.

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