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Still Sucks to Be Me: The All-true Confessions of Mina Smith, Teen Vampire

Still Sucks to Be Me: More All-True Confessions of Mina Hamilton Smith, Teen Vampire - Kimberly Pauley First off, you best read the first one in the series first: Sucks To Be Me. This one, Still Sucks To Be Me builds upon the first one and continues the story of Mina who is now a fledgling vampire. The story is just adorable and told with a lot of wit and snarky comments from Mina in the form of To Do lists and journal entries as well as normal chapters. I found the posts at the top of each chapter just hilarious and filled with "true facts" about vampires as Mina knows them. This story can be enjoyed by younger teens since there is just a few kisses and a few cuss words. Nothing in my opinion younger kids haven't seen or heard. There is enough romance and adventure to keep the pages turning. I know a lot of "older" teens that will love this story as well. I sure did!If you enjoy Marlene Perez and her Dead Is series (Disney has optioned it) and Kelly McClymber's Salem Witch series (another good pick for a TV show), this is a great series to get started on. I hope there are lots more in the works for Mina!

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