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Croak (Croak, #1) - Gina Damico MY THOUGHTSABSOLUTELY LOVED ITLex has uncontrollable urges to hurt people almost to the point of killing them. She has an almost superhuman strength about her, so just as she is about to be kicked out of school, her parents ship her off to her uncle's farm where they think some good old fashioned work will help her contain her violent tendencies. All except Uncle Mort doesn't have farm chores in mind for Lex. He know she has all the qualities to become an excellent grim reaper, just like he is. Lex falls in line with her new life strategy and meet people her age who understand her. Not as well as her twin, Cordy, but it is nice not to hide her newly discovered gifts any longer. I love the fact that they are named after Lexington and Concord, from the Revolutionary War. Uncle Mort has teamed her up with Driggs, another reaper misfit, and things are really starting to fall into place when the pair discover that people are dying and no one knows the cause of death. They begin to suspect that the murderer is actually another reaper since these people are scheduled to die. The story quickly because a romantic paranormal thriller with the clock ticking as they try to discover who is doing the deed as Lex and Driggs slowly find that they are in love. The story reminded me a bit of Dead Like Me that ran on television years ago about a teenage reaper mixed in with a bit of Christopher Moore weirdness and humor. I just adored the writing and how everything flowed, especially with my favorite thing on earth: snark and sarcasm. OH MY! What a treat this story was! I immediately got right into Lex and her whole world which contained a bit of Harry Potter magical elements as well. Lex is one of those characters that you can easily identify with, she isn't perfect and she knows it. The other characters in the book come from broken homes and Lex is almost set aside since she comes from a loving home. She questions authority, she is extremely curious and she does end up finally becoming comfortable in her own skin. The evil Zara is an excellent foil to Lex's goodness. Now, I can't wait for the follow up, Scorch that will be released next September. It is going to be a long summer wait.

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