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Perry's Killer Playlist

Perry's Killer Playlist - Joe Schreiber MY THOUGHTSLOVED ITPerry has his life all laid out, he has gotten into his dream college, his band is set to tour Europe and he has a hot, older girlfriend with connections to the music industry. It all goes according to plan except that Perry runs into his ex, Gobi, while in Rome and the bullets begin to fly! Gobi, he now knows, is a world class assassin and seems to drag Perry into danger no matter what. This is serious non stop action and full of shoot outs, crazy people and evil. Of course, there is good versus evil.I really enjoyed the quickness of the plot and how fun everything came together. There is just enough "deepness" to the characters to keep me interested in them. Perry is very likable but I just can't figure out what a world class underground association would need him for. I guess I need to go back and read the first book to get that background. Gobi's illness keeps her from being one dimensional and the other woman, Paula proves to be the really evil girl in this one. This is overall just a fun read and best suited for teens.

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