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Arcadia - MY THOUGHTSReally Liked It.Born and raised in a commune during the early sixties, Bit doesn't attend regular school, eats no processed food, has never really seen movies or television and reads for entertainment. Arcadia is built by a group of people that want to live off the grid and be self sustaining. They have created what they believe to be the ultimate homestead and lifestyle. The story follows him from birth to old age when his parents die at Arcadia. The inhabitants also make their income from growing and selling pot, of course, it is all under the table. When word spreads out through the community that they will celebrate a harvest festival, it becomes a mini Woodstock and gets a bit out of control. The socialistic community has to decide whether it can remain idealized or sell out. I enjoyed the book but it took me forever to read as it was slow going. It was just the type of laid back story that didn't compel me to stay up late and finish it. I had to put it down several times since I just found myself bored at times. I adored Monsters of Templeton and there were the same quirky characters here as well, but they just didn't get me involved.

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