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Unspoken (Lynburn Legacy Series #1)

Unspoken - Sarah Rees Brennan MY THOUGHTSABSOLUTELY LOVED ITKami has a voice inside her head and it is not a weird voice telling her what to do or anything strange, just a comforting one that knows what she is going though and most of her secrets. This voice belongs to a male, probably around her age, that has communicated with her as long as she can remember. The voice also has a name and strong personality as well as being real. Just as Kami learns to deal with the guy she never expects to meet, he shows up in her small English village, Sorry-in-the-Vale. Oh, and Kami has accepted that people thinks she is strange, so she just goes with it, doing whatever she wants, annoying anyone one who crosses her path and depends on her sarcastic wit to see her through. My kind of girl! Kami really comes to life when she decides to recruit the guy in her head and his brother to work on the school newspaper which she decided to start so she could be a reporter. No one gets in the way of this girl.So there is much mystery to be solved that revolves around the Lynburns who have just returned and she finally meets Jared, her moody and rebel voice. As Kami snoops around the town and starts to uncover the true dangers that lurk in her quaint town, she becomes more and more involved with Jared. Kami is a girl on a mission to find out why the Lynburns have so many secrets and the true history of her village, especially now that there is a murder. Kami may be the next victim if she can't unravel the family's secret. It really took me the whole book to figure out the culprit. It true neo gothic lit style, this book deserves a dark and stormy night since Kami will brighten your day immensely. The whole snarky tone is just perfect and seems to make fun of even the most serious points in the story. There is still more mystery to be solved in this tiny town so I hope it is not too long before I get another installment. Parents: there is some alcohol and kissing as well as some violence, but nothing too graphic. Fans of Beautiful Creatures should love this one as well.

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