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Anne of Hollywood

Anne of Hollywood - Carol Wolper MY THOUGHTS ABSOLUTELY LOVED ITI mean really LOVE LOVE LOVED this one! This is brilliant!So, you probably already know the story of Anne Boleyn and the Tudors, but you have never read anything as interesting and fun as this new interpretation. Henry is re imagined as a billionaire power broker that rules Hollywood as his kingdom. Anne is the daughter of a social climbing entertainment lawyer with two siblings that are great successes. Mary had a fling with Henry years ago while she was a young model while her brother George may or may not be a bisexual amd struggling actor. The whole story fits in nicely with the backstabbing and social climbing that occurs daily in Hollywood with the details much like a Shakespearean play. Anne is witty, fun and a bit scheming although not really overt about it. She is also a bit naive about money and the power plays that go on behind the scenes or at least that is the way she is portrayed in the book and history. All I can say is this book is FUN and I really didn't want it to end. I can now imagine more retelling of famous historical figures and their lives much like the Austen fiction that has become so popular these days. There is all of the soap opera goings on in this retelling but what I really enjoyed was Wolper's attention to detail and how she redid some of the characters. Cardinal Wolsey is an investment manager in a Madoff kind of way with the name play of Carl Wolsey -- which sounds very similar. Theresa Cromwell, plays the trusted advisor to Henry who schemes to get Anne out of the picture while his ex wife, Catherine is portrayed as a basket case with insomnia and a new found religious bent. So at least, in this story, Anne is just banished, not beheaded and in true chick lit fashion, she ends up back on her feet! I guess women have come a long way since the days of the real Tudor court.

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