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The Good Father

The Good Father - Noah Hawley MY THOUGHTSLOVED ITWhat would you do if you saw your son on the news, blamed for a horrible crime? When Dr. Paul Allen sees his son on the news, accused of shooting the Democratic presidential nominee, he is in shock. Daniel has always been a decent kid and even though he has had some rough years as a child of divorce, he hasn't been a problem. Like most kids at twenty, he is searching for himself and has dropped out of college. Told in alternating voices between Paul and Daniel, this thriller is full of action that doesn't stop. You can tell something is not quite right with Daniel as he rambles through his story, while his father preciseness as clinical diagnostician really comes out to play. I enjoyed this story immensely with all of the twists and turns to the end which was quite exciting. While Paul seems to examine his first marriage and tries to understand what went wrong there and how that affected Daniel, you can see his years of medical training come out where he must search for clues in his patients and their undiagnosed diseases. He applies that same meticulous approach to finding out the truth in Daniel's life. This is a story that happens around us daily but a lot of times, we just don't hear about it in the media.

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