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Love Is Murder (Thriller Anthologies)

Love Is Murder - Sherrilyn Kenyon, Lee Child, Sandra Brown, Julie Kenner, Heather Graham, Jon Land, Mariah Stewart, Dianna Love, Allison Brennan, Lori G. Armstrong, Andrea Kane, Toni McGee Causey, Patricia Rosemoor, Debra Webb, Laura Griffin, William Bernhardt, Beverly Barton, Robert Greg MY THOUGHTSOVERALL -- LOVED SOME MORE THAN OTHERSSo, if you can only bring one book with you on vacation this summer, this one will have you covered. There are short stories by some of my favorite authors including Roxanne St. Claire, Julie Kenner, Dianna Love and Beverly Barton. There are a lot of new names for me as well. Can you believe I have never read a Lee Child's story before? Well, that will soon be changing since I really loved the thriller here called "I Heard a Romantic Story". Dianna Love brings her paranormal world alive in Savannah with Belador Warrior, Devon and Joleen again. There is definitely something for everyone here with Navy SEALS, police, terrorist all mixed with romance--sometimes hot, steamy romance!

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