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The Urban Fantasy Anthology

The Urban Fantasy Anthology - Holly Black, Peter S. Beagle, Patricia Briggs, Kelley Armstrong, Norman Partridge, Neil Gaiman, Al Sarrantonio, Steven R. Boyett, Emma Bull, Jeffrey Ford, Bruce McAllister, Suzy McKee Charnas, Thomas M. Disch, Joe R. Lansdale, Susan Palwick, Tim Powers, Francesca Lia Blo This is one of those books that is easy to revisit. The best part of this anthology is the introduction that appears at the beginning of each section and fully explains the sub genre in the Urban Fantasy area. This anthology fully covers the most popular authors of the day. I made notes next to my favorite stories.Mythic FictionIntroduction: "A Personal Journey into Mythic Fiction" by Charles de LintEmma Bull, "A Bird That Whistles" Creepy, very creepy but told with love!Charles de Lint, "Make a Joyful Noise"Neil Gaiman, "The Goldfish Pool and Other Stories" This is the first story I turned to and I wasn't disappointed in the whimsical and slightly off beat ghost story.Jeffrey Ford, "On the Road to New Egypt"Peter S. Beagle, "Julie’s Unicorn" - I admit I am a sucker for unicorns, who doesn't love a good unicorn story?Paranormal RomanceIntroduction: "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Urban Fantasy" by Paula GuranCharles de Lint, "Companions to the Moon"Kelley Armstrong, "A Haunted House of Her Own"Norman Partridge, "She’s My Witch"Carrie Vaughn, "Kitty’s Zombie New Year" As always, Carrie does a unique spin on Zombies complete with Kitty trying to fix what ails the Zombie.Patricia Briggs, "Seeing Eye"Bruce McAllister, "Hit"Suzy McKee Charnas, "Boobs" -Francesca Lia Block, "Farewell, My Zombie"Noir FantasyIntroduction: "We Are Not a Club, but We Sometimes Share a Room" by Joe R. LansdaleThomas M. Disch, "The White Man"Susan Palwick, "Gestella"Holly Black, "The Coldest Girl in Coldtown"Steven R. Boyett, "Talking Back to the Moon"Joe R. Lansdale, "On the Far Side of the Cadillac Desert with Dead Folks"Tim Powers, "The Bible Repairman"Al Sarrantonio, "Father Dear"

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