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Dead Is a State of Mind (Dead Is Series #2)

Dead Is a State of Mind - Marlene Perez The second entry in the Dead is the... was just as good as the first, maybe a little bit better. I have recommended this to all my friends who have 11-12 year old daughters that aren't enjoying the Twilight series. This story about Daisy and her two sisters, Poppy and Rose solving a paranormal mystery should appeal to that age group. I love recommending books like this that have no drug or major sexual situations to younger readers.The characters are quite believable even in the paranormal realm. They all retain the insecurity, flashes of independence and optimism found in girls this age. The author also doesn't use unnecessary words to get her point across which is a huge problem for some younger readers. There are also excellent teaching points about accepting people who are different and not judging someone until you have met them. Even adults should enjoy this tale which reads like a cozy and like all good reads has a beginning, middle and conclusion. Bonus Point: The story mentions my alma mater, Cal State Fullerton. I never thought I would ever see that in a book.

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