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Dead Is Just a Rumor (Dead Is Series #4)

Dead Is Just a Rumor - Marlene Perez I have been recommending this series since I first discovered it and the latest installment is a wonderful addition. I just don't know why it took me so long to read it. It was the first book I bought for my new e reader. Each book has Daisy solving a crime with her psychic powers, although her powers didn't really evolve until the second book in the series, Dead is a State of Mind. You can easily read this one without having read any of them, but I think it adds to them by reading them in order. Daisy is the youngest of the Giordano sisters and each are paranormally gifted. Daisy's psychic and kinetic abilities are just now really beginning to develop and she makes full use of her limited powers in solving a blackmail mystery that has visited the town of Nightshade, CA. Daisy's father has recently returned to the family after being held by the Scourge, an anti-paranormal group. Her father is still recovering from the effects of his capture and he reacts to Daisy as if she is still twelve, her age when he disappeared. He disapproves of her were boyfriend, Ryan, who is also the chief of police's son. Daisy wins cooking lessons with a famous television chef, Circe, who adds more than just ingredients to her famous food. Part of the story deals with the famous Jukebox, Lil, at Slim's Diner which plays songs to communicate with Daisy which leads to what will happen in the next installment, Dead is Not an Option, or at least I hope! Daisy helps unravel the blackmail mystery and maintains her loving relationship with her parents. There is only some kissing and nothing else much to worry parents. I highly recommend this to everyone since it is such an enjoyable series that will appeal to even the pickiest of readers.

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