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Dead Is a Killer Tune (Dead Is, #7)

Dead Is a Killer Tune (Dead Is, #7) - Marlene Perez MY THOUGHTSLOVED ITSo Daisy has graduated and the series shifts to her boyfriend Ryan's sister, Jessica Walsh. Jessica finally has her life on track as a new Virago, protecting Nightshade from the paranormal threats that create havoc for the population. Her new boyfriend, Dominic, the singer from Side Effects May Vary (SEMV) is acting a bit strange, so when a Battle of the Bands comes to town and SEMV shows up to compete, things go haywire. Something peculiar is happening to the most popular bands and they each lose a member to bizarre accidents. The most popular bands all have lost members, including SEMV, whose guitarist breaks his arm skateboarding, which he has never done before. Jessica, a skilled but shy player is talked into the role. Hamlin, has followers much like the Pied Piper, who devotedly follow them around the country and they haven't had any bad luck like other bands. Jessica starts to put these coincidences of misfortunes together and notices things are quite what they should be and it all revolves around Hamlin. There are the usual evil characters and unwitting accomplices that at times seem cartoon like but that is what makes this series so much fun! As Jessica puts things together to unravel the mystery surrounding the popularity of Hamlin and the disasters they have unleashed on the local musicians, she grows into her role of a self reliant and confident Virago. I loved this series and the change to featuring Jessica has taken it a new and wonderful direction. All of the characters have their good and bad points but Perez does a wonderful job of keeping them all interesting. This is my favorite series to recommend to kids who hate to read since it has something for everyone. Most of the adults I have forced this book on have enjoyed them as well. Parents don't need to worry about anything in this series since there is only a bit of cartoon violence, a few kisses here and there and they always end with an important, positive message.

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