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Dead Is So Last Year (Dead Is Series #3)

Dead Is So Last Year - Marlene Perez I can't tell you how many people I have recommended this series to, especially those with 11-12 year old girls who are not into the Twilight series. Everyone seems to agree, no matter how old they are, think that this series is just wonderful. The characters of Daisy, Poppy and Rose provide good role models since they all have college plans, hold jobs and value family. The mystery of each book is enough to keep everyone turning the pages. There are nice little word plays in the book like naming the evil scientist, Dr. Franken, which could be short for Dr. Frankenstein. A young werewolf named Wolfgang and the term "hairballs" as slang for the drug of werewolf blood and steroids are also very clever. This is the only drug reference in the book which is put across in a way to open discuss of such things. There are some romantic situations, but nothing that anyone would be uncomfortable with. At the end of the third in the series, I was a little sad and thought "OH NO, this can't be the end!" Without giving away the ending, I realized that there is another mystery to be solved and therefore another book. I look forward to the next one and I just hope it doesn't take a year before it comes out.

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