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Monster High (Monster High Series #1)

Monster High - Lisi Harrison This is going to be one hot book! I didn't know anything about this book and only signed up to read about it when I saw that one of the characters was named Frankie Stein. How could you not love a character named that? I wasn't disappointed at all. This is one of those books I am going to recommend to all of my mom friends for their younger teens. The story has lots of important lessons, is extremely cute and of course a marketing blitz to go along with it.I started to Google the title to find out more about it and was surprised to find it's own adorable site. Monster HighWhich will go more "live" the second week of July. There are some cute clips of the show there. Of course, there will be toys to go along with this marketing blitz since this is all the work of Mattel. There is also talk of a musical -- um, shades of Glee anyone? Now, that I think about it, the book really has a lot in common with Glee with all of the misfits. This will probably appeal to girls who enjoy Kelly McClymber or Marlene Perez.Some links to check out:Yahoo -- Monster High filmsDread Central -- Cute Picture of dolls Mattel -- Videos(go to my blog for the links)

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