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Bring Me Home for Christmas (Virgin River Series #16)

Bring Me Home for Christmas - Robyn Carr Y THOUGHTSLOVED ITBecca Timm has a positive outlook on life, but things haven't been quite going her way. Although her boyfriend is about to pop the question, she isn't all that thrilled and keeps thinking about the one that got away. Oh, and she lost her job. She goes to Virgin River with her twin brother and meets her ex, Denny, who is at first less than thrilled. Becca ends up arguing with Denny and she jumps in the back of her brother's truck and promptly breaks her ankle. She also doesn't help the situations by flirting with his friends either. I had an inner dialog with her explaining she shouldn't act that way. This only creates more tension (the good kind) between the two.Although this is the fouteenth (!) book in the Virgin River series it can stand alone easily. I have read this series here and there, but never in order and it is always easy to go back to them. Carr writes such vivid characters that you actually like even when they aren't perfect. Becca is one that you really want to succeed and you know she belong with Denny. At times, I really want him to get with the program and fall back in love with her, but then there would be much of a story. There are a few twists and turns on the road to happiness, but you will have to read the story to find out how they get there!

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