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The Newcomer

The Newcomer (Thunder Point) - Robyn Carr MY THOUGHTSLOVED ITMac and Gina, the second string stars of The Wanderer have their moment in the sun in this second installment of the Thunder Point series. And what I adored was the take on the teenage romance department returns in full force. Mac's ex-wife shows up after abandoning the family ten years earlier, which of course, causes a bit of turmoil. Cooper and Sarah continue their romance started in that first book, but all is not perfect in their world when Cooper has to rush back to Texas for a family emergency and Sarah faces issues with work that may interrupt both her and Landon's life.This story really should have been titled "The Ex-es" since it seems almost all of the characters must deal with their ex-es in one way or another. So back to my favorite part: the romance between Landon and Eve as well as Gina's daughter, Ashley and a new romance with Downey. This romance brought all of the heartache only a teen can feel and imagine. There was a toss up between who I really wanted to kick to the curb: either CJ (Mac's ex) or Downey. Downey, I could almost forgive since he is young and may learn but CJ is old enough to know better. Again, Carr creates real characters with believable dialogue and a setting that is breath-taking. I would love to live in a place like Thunder Point, where everyone seems connected. There are also some new characters introduced like Spencer and Devon to be featured in the next installment The Hero. I also hope that the teens are well represented again.

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