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The Wanderer

The Wanderer - Robyn Carr MY THOUGHTSLOVED ITHank Cooper is left his friend Ben's bar / bait shop In Thunder Point, after he dies in Virgin River. Sarah (search and rescue helicopter pilot) and her younger brother, Landon have also just moved there and there is an immediate connect between Cooper and Landon. Sarah and Cooper find themselves in a romance while Gina (single mom) and Mac (the local deputy) add a secondary romance to the mix. There is a mystery surrounding Ben's death and between this and the introduction and set up of the new location, the local love life is pushed a bit to the background until the last part of the book. Oh, and Landon even at sixteen, wasn't left out of the romance department which added a fun element to the story.Carr has done it again, borrowing a bit from her Virgin River series to get this small town romance set up and filled with hope for more to come. Her stories always have a bit of humor mixed in with a mystery to keep you wanting to know what happens next. They are usually pretty addicting and I have read the last once through out the years. Most of her characters become old friends and I have high hopes for this new series. I really want to visit the new locations since the coast in Oregon sounds so inviting. Mac and Gina will be the focus of the next installment, The Newcomer.

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