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Better Than Chocolate

Better Than Chocolate - Sheila Roberts MY THOUGHTSLOVED ITWelcome to Icicle Falls, home of the Sweet Dreams Chocolate Company, a company that is now on hard times since Samantha's mother, marries a spendthirft and the finances really unravel when Waldo dies suddenly. As the oldest daughter, Samantha has been the heart and soul of the company. Her younger sisters come home for the funeral but have lives of their own and leave Samantha to fix everything. The bank manager, Blake, tells her in no uncertain terms that her time is near the end and she either has to pay up or get out. To raise awareness and get more business, Samantha comes up with a brilliant idea to have a chocolate festival in the small town and the whole town rallies around her. The history between Blake and Samantha causes a bit of resentment on Sam's part and places an interesting twist on that relationship. Cecily and Bailey try to help their older sister save the business but they each have their own busy lives to contend with. I hope to see more of them in future installments since they both seem very interesting. The story is filled with wonderful bits of humor woven in the wonderful dialogue and with just the right touch of descriptions. I was really reminded of Jill Shalvis's stories and think this series will help me through those times that I have to wait for a new one. Fans of Susan Mallory and Roxanne St. Claire will love this new series.

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