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The Rock Star in Seat 3A

The Rock Star in Seat 3A: A Novel - Jill Kargman MY THOUGHTS ABSOLUTELY LOVED ITAs Hazel approaches her thirtieth birthday, she offhandedly comments that her "free pass* would be Finn Schiller, of the band The Void. In a really happy and committed relationship with Wylie and a kick ass job as a publicist for the hottest game company in the world, she realizes that she doesn't have time to sow her wild oats and must really decide whether she wants to settle and settle down. Then, fate intercedes and she ends up on a flight sitting right next to her crush. Just as her boyfriend is about to propose, she jets off with the rock star. Sex ensues, as well as a whirlwind courtship between Finn and Hazel but when she starts to figure out that life on the road isn't for her, she becomes un-starstruck while hitting the ground full force. This is the book I would write if I could write. I am so envious that Jill Kargman put all of my best rock and roll thoughts on paper. Kargman is one of those authors that I crave to read and she didn't disappoint me with her latest. Even though it is a quick read, every word is used to maximize the story. Hazel is someone you can really relate to and probably someone you know. She can't keep her thoughts to herself and has put her foot in her mouth more than once and you love her for it. I love the fact that Hazel realizes that reality is not the life of a rock star and she would much rather live on earth rather than in a bubble. If you are looking for the best read of the summer, here it is!

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