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The Familiars (Familiars Series #1)

The Familiars - Adam Jay Epstein, Andrew Jacobson, Peter Chan, Kei Acedera This is a perfectly woven tale that should appeal to everyone! The story centers around three animal familiars who have magical capabilities (think the triumvirate of Harry Potter) and their human loyals. Familiars have been in story telling as long as there have been witches and are creatures who bond with humans and assist them in casting spells. Aldwyn, an alley cat on the run, hides in a magical pet store where he is quickly adopted by Jack and meets other familiars. Gilbert the tree frog (paging Gilbert Gottfried) and Skylar, a smug know-it-all blue jay. The three must come together to save the humans from the evil familiar of the queen. After reading about the queen's evil hare, I was immediately reminded of Senator Kevin, the bunny of the apocalypse from the Prickly City comic strip. The story, like all good fairy tales, involves a quest and the three must find the answers to some riddles in order to find elements that will help them defeat Paksahara, the evil hare. There is comic relief woven in with edge of your seat action that will have you finishing this book in no time! I really think that this book could be read aloud to a younger child and it would be enjoyable for both reader and listener. I can really see this made into a movie much like the Secret of Nimh. This will really appeal to readers of the Tale of Desperaux and the Spiderwick Chronicles.

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