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On Fire: A Teen Wolf Novel

On Fire: A Teen Wolf Novel - Nancy Holder MY THOUGHTSLOVED ITThe story starts out with the death of a mountain lion, blamed for mysterious deaths taking place in Beacon Hills, California. Scott knows that the lion is not to blame and there are werewolves among the residents since he has just been turned. He has been hiding this from his crush, Allison, the daughter of the sheriff and there are some secrets that her family is holding that may turn the relationship into a Romeo and Juliette scenario. When Allison and Scott go to meet up with her best friend, Lydia and her boyfriend, Jackson, he doesn't show up. Jackson has been searching for his biological father and this takes him to meet with someone he believes has the information. There is a bit of a back story detailed about the wolf clans that reside in the area and that Allison's mother has some family secrets of her own, that she is a sworn enemy of the wolves and a Hunter. The true story about her unfolds in flashbacks about Derek, the wolf that is mentoring Scott. So there are a lot of characters to keep straight but there is so much action that all of the parts work together seamlessly. Of course, there are the requisite plot twists and turns to this quick and easy to read book. This is not the fun Michael J. Fox teen angst movie that I remember.

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