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The Darkest Edge of Dawn

The Darkest Edge of Dawn - Kelly Gay First off: Brimstone the Hellhound. If I wasn't won over from the first book (which I totally loved), then this cemented my relationship with Charlie Madigan. Anyone who has a daughter that can communicate directly with (hell) Hounds is immediately my best friend. If you didn't read The Better Part of Darkness you don't need to go back (but do!), The Darkest Edge of Dawn catches you up with little flashbacks. I was quickly drawn back into the Underground and didn't want to see daylight again. I know I should probably switch this paragraph around, but I adore Brimstone and need to lead off with that pup.There is a lot of delicious interplay between Hank and Charlie that is nicely developing and I would love to see more of. The action is non stop and lots of snarky one liners that will have you laughing. There are lots of little intertwining plots about Charlie's life that really draw you in even more. I really enjoy Kelly Gay's writing style and if you like Jennifer Rardin or Jennifer Estep, you are going to love this series as well.

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