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Kiss at Your Own Risk (Soulfire Series #1)

Kiss at Your Own Risk - Stephanie Rowe **slight spoilers** don't read after the second paragraph! I was devastated when the Immortality series ended, but I know all good things come to an end. Luckily for me, Stephanie Rowe has returned to her hilarious paranormal tales to keep me happy. Yes, I feel that she writes just for me! So just leave me in my delusions and keep bringing me more books by Ms. Rowe. Her stories are filled with slapstick humor and witty dialogue. Oh, and the guys are usually hot. There are four hot guys (not counting Death), so I demand one book for each hot guy. And well, if she throws in one about Death, I wouldn't argue.I could write pages about the plot and characters, but I am going to concentrate on the evil minions. Yes, dogs! How can I not love evil Snoodles that morph into Snoodledemgons which are a combination of a schnauzer, poodle, dragon and demon that fly and have scales? Although, these little demons only play a minor role, they made me laugh with their antics.Trinity has a terrible curse that forces her to kill her true love and in her haste to find a cure (she only has a week to keep from killing again or it is permanent) she tries to hide out at Death's McMansion. Her best friend, Reina works for Death and still tries to help Trin work this Black Widow curse out of her system. So when the guys (warriors developed by death's evil grandmother, Angelica) locate Trin to help them kill Angelica, it all goes south. Lots of wackiness and paranormal activity ensues and of course Trin ends up with the love of her life -- possibly unable to kill this one.

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