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Nancy's Theory of Style

Nancy's Theory of Style - Grace Coopersmith, Marta Acosta I heart Nancy.I was sitting here wondering when I could get my hands on the next book in the Casa Dracula series and here it was on my nightstand for a week! I started reading Nancy's Theory of Style and by the fourth chapter when a certain character named Milagro appeared and I knew I had heard Nancy's name before, except I remember her as "Fancy Nancy". Nancy is of course Milagro's former roommate from college in the Casa Dracula series and her one liners are so snarky and special you will want to claim them as your own. Heck, half of the lines in this book would make witty comebacks that you should file away in your little black book of quotes. Of course, the book should be from Prada and in subtle carmel shade according to Nancy. The writing just sparkles and the humor jumps off the page. This is THE book for summer! The plot has enough twists and turns to keep it from being typical chick lit, yet still leaves you feeling good. Even though you should probably hate Nancy for being so superficial, you have to love the fact that she grows and becomes someone that is responsible when all of those around her seem to fail at that quality. There are so many little plot details in this book that elevate it from the usual summer fare.Stop by my blog to read the interview with "Grace" and enter to win a copy!

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