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The Cottage at Glass Beach

The Cottage At Glass Beach - Heather Barbieri MY THOUGHTSLOVED ITNora has taken her two girls and takes refuge on an island off the Massachusetts' coast in her aunt's cottage after she reads about her politician husband's infidelities in the paper. Her mother's disappearance years ago left a rift between her and her aunt that she is now trying to mend. The two girls find magic at the beach even though they don't fully understand what exactly happened between their parents. When she meets Owen, a fisherman who has apparently survived a ship wreck, she find a bit of comfort in this man's sudden appearance. There are rumors that he is a Selkie, summoned by her tears of grief. This paranormal element gives a new twist to my favorite genre of beach reads which is perfect for this time of year. My heart broke for Nora, seeing how her life is all wrapped up in grief with her mother's disappearance and her husband's indiscretions. I somewhat guessed where all this would take her and her daughters but the journey of words was well worth the trip. I love books with a little bit of a magical element that can keep you guessing all the way until the end, but there were a few strings left untied here. I hope that this opens the way for a follow up to find out exactly the mystery behind her mother's disappearance. Annie and Ella brought a true bit of whimsy with their story with how kids believe so truly in the mystical. If you enjoy Cathy Lamb or Sarah Addison Allen, you will be sure to enjoy this one.

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