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Emily and Einstein

Emily and Einstein - Linda Francis Lee Emily finds herself at a loss when her husband gets what he deserves: death. Ok, that was a little harsh, but the story gets better. Sandy (the husband) has lived a life of lies with Emily and on his way to tell her he wants a divorce, a small dog cause him to lose his life. He is offered a chance to redeem himself by returning as a dog. The story is told in alternating chapters by Emily and Einstein (reincarnated Sandy) and is just utterly charming. This is truly a story of redemption and Sandy is not a quick study. He retains his selfish ways far longer than he should now that he is truly a dog. Sandy gives a bad name to that term.I really enjoyed reading about Emily and how she finds herself. This is a great start to the season of chick lit with a little paranormal twist complete with a few angels that are so prevalent right now. I really wish that Sandy's mother had gone down the same path, but I see no redemption for her. It is really a great story about making your life your own.

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