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Beg for Mercy

Beg for Mercy - Jami Alden ***slight spoilers*** Megan's brother Sean has been arrested for a murder that she knows he didn't commit. The worse part is that he is arrested by Cole, a man that Megan thought she had a future with and now she is out for justice. That puts Megan right on the trail of a sadistic serial killer and possibly in his path. After years in jail, Sean has given up hope that he can be cleared of the crime, but Megan has no intention of giving up. She uncovers new evidence and that puts her on the trial with more conviction now that a series of murders have occurred that are strikingly similar to the murder that Sean was sent to jail for. Cole is increasingly persuaded to see the new evidence as that Sean was framed and helps Megan find the truth.PERFECT! Every character and situation is believable and you can just imagine reading this story on the front page of any paper. The chemistry between Megan and Cole really builds as they work together to solve the murder even though Cole believes Sean is really guilty. I love Megan's strength and her conviction that her brother is innocent. The fact that she is a court advocate gives her the background and knowledge of legal procedure helps her cause and her intelligence shines. I also adored the dialog and how Alden sets the scene with just a few key words. I am looking forward to hearing Sean's side of the story in Hide From Evil which will be released next fall.

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