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Dark Descendant

Dark Descendant - Jenna Black Nikki is a private investigator specializing in skip traces and missing persons and she is exceptionally good at her job. Nikki's own history is brought to the front of the story when she accidentally kills her client while trying to help him save the person Nikki was hired to find from a cult. While badly injured she is met with more injury from one of the "cult" members upset that she has killed his best friend. This turns out to be no ordinary "cult" and is instead the descendants of mythological gods and goddesses from all cultures. You will be quickly sucked into this world where there are both good and evil descendants and Nikki is trying to figure out which she should align herself with.This is a quick read and I finished it in one night! The story really moves fast and there is no lack of action and it is nicely woven with Nikki's back story. She had been abandon as a child and is taken in by a wealthy family, but feels guilty about their money and doesn't touch her trust fund. The fact that she has no interest in money. provides some great plot points for the story so far. Another interesting point is the members of the group she has taken up with. Anderson, who no one can figure out, sets her on a personal investigation to find his missing wife and let Nikki prove her worth. There are lots of interesting characters that I think will provide great tales to come.

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