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Locket, The

The Locket - Stacey Jay I just started reading more time travel romances. This one is a bit difference since the time travel is only a few weeks time in the present. This is a sweet romance that will appeal to teens and adults alike. The main question the book tries to answer is: Will a do-over really change the outcome in what happens in the overall picture and your future? Katie finds herself making out with her long time neighbor and best boy bud, Mitch while she is dating Isaac. She admits to Isaac that it happened and they break up. I didn't really like Isaac, so I thought even if Katie could fix this, maybe she shouldn't. I could plainly see the connection between Katie and Mitch. There are a lot of missed connections between the two. Katie tries and tries by using the magical locket to fix things and the more she tries the worse it gets. The ending resolves all of the issues, but you need to read it for yourself. Recommended: Girls over 13, adults who want a light romanceSex: Kissing and making out, nothing too graphicViolence: Some boy fighting, not very graphicLike: Jennifer Echols with a paranormal twist

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