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Fins Are Forever

Fins Are Forever - Tera Lynn Childs Fins are Forever hit the perfect spot with me and I enjoyed this one even more than the start of the series. The book starts out with Lily deciding she will give up her capacity as a princess on her birthday and live on dry land to resolve the conflict she has with her human side. Things are going swimmingly with Quince and she finds the perfect career to strive for as a marine ecologist. Of course, something goes terribly wrong when her wicked cousin, Dosinia turns up on her doorstep.There are some almost slapstick moments in the book when Lily discovers herself stuck with her human hating cousin. Doe has committed some unspeakable offense in the mer kingdom that causes her to be banished without any powers and is sent to live with Lily to redeem herself. The big twist here is that Lily is the one to judge if Doe has been rehabilitated and can accept humans in her life. Doe makes good on that one by falling in love with Brody who she promptly kisses.The ending left a lot of things open and to me it seems that there is hope that Lily may regain her ability to rule the mer kingdom. I can't wait until the next installment. I received this review copy at no cost from Around the World ARC tours in exchange for my honest review.

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