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Partials - MY THOUGHTSLOVED ITLike many dystopians thrillers for young adults these days, this one brings in all of the big guns. Genetically manufactured robots(?) known as Partials are human like with emotions and have taken over earth since they bring with them a virus that decimates the population along with death to the point there are very few of either existing since the Partials have a built in expiration date. The humans can't maintain their population since only a few of them are immune to the virus and babies die within days of birth from it. So Kira, a sixteen year old medic in training is on the trail for a cure. With the capture of Samm, a partial, she begins to come closer and closer to a cure but lacks a bit of research. Her lab is blown up and a riot is started as a cover to save Samm from certain death although she doesn't know it, she is part of the Partials plan for their own cure. Whew! This really reminded my of Frankenstein, when the monster discovers he has feelings and the townspeople revolt against the creation of artificial life. It brings into question, the exact meaning of life. So if lab created life has all of the qualities of humans, what makes them not human? The plot moved along these lines but at times it was a bit plodding. I wish it had moved a bit faster but I will definitely want to read the next in the series just to find out what happens next. The end of the book has Kira questioning herself and her own humanity, so I really want to see where this goes. I like both of the main characters, the secondary characters were pretty forgettable though. Each side has their own nasty and unlikable leader and I am still not certain which is good or evil, so that in itself will be interesting to find out.

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