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Star Island

Star Island - This one is pure Carl Hiaasen wackiness. It brings back Skink (the ex governator) and Chemo (the weed wacking heavy) to save Cherry Pye (Britney, Linday, anyone?) and her double Ann DeLuisa from a paparazzi trying to hit is big with some unique pictures. There are so many characters in this book that are taken directly from the headlines -- well, it is funny. I love the fact that Hiaasen always brings back his recurring characters like Skink and Chemo. I mean who else could possibly write about a hit man/heavy that has a weed wacker attached to his arm as a prosthetic? Bang Abbott, the photographer turned paparazzi is misunderstood and like all bad guys in Hiaasen's books isn't completely bad, but inept. I think he was truly meant for Cherry. Cherry is ripped directly from the tabloids, a lip-syncing teen (now past her prime) that is hooked on anything chemical and could easily win the next Death List. Ann is the only sane one of the bunch and that isn't saying much. Overall, this is a good light mystery with lots of fun things happening.

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