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Embrace  - Jessica Shirvington MY THOUGHTSLOVED ITViolet is just turning seventeen and on her birthday her father gifts her with a box her mother left her right before she died giving birth to her. Yeah, that part is a real downer but it give Violet a bit of strength to go on. Her BFF, Steph tries to get her in the mood for a celebration and dinner with her father. Without Vi's knowledge, Steph invites her crush and work out partner, Lincoln. At the hot night club for dinner, Vi and Linc start to dance when he leaves her on the dance floor and faster than you can say "love triangle" another guy takes his place and Vi's love. Which is partly Linc's fault for running hot and cold with her. Phoenix returns the Vi's misplaced lust and things get scary really fast. Vi is just learning that she is part Angel and part human and there are a lot of things that go bump in the night, including her.As Vi becomes more and more agreeable with her situation, she still wants nothing more to do with any of the Angels, good or bad. So until her life really becomes endangered, she refuses to "embrace" the angel life until she absolutely has to and even then she is pretty much tricked into it. At least she has Steph to unload on and that girl is a breath of fresh air full or snarky and intelligent comments. Lincoln can't/won't tell Vi how he feels about her and that may be his downfall. I adored how Vi is capable of learning from each situation and tries not to be too stupid to live which can be the downfall of a lot of main characters. I was cheering for her! The fact that each character can neither be drawn perfectly good or evil adds a lot to the story so there is always that hope of redemption lurking.This book really surprised me. I have read three Angel VS Demon books right in a row now and each one has been a bit different in their approach. It took some serious arm twisting to get me to read this since I thought -- read one angel book you have read them all! I am finding this is not the case. I really enjoyed this one and it was a really quick read for me. I did think at parts of this book even the so called adults acted with petty high school standards but I have high hopes for the next installmetn. Fans of Courtney Allison Moulton and Lisa Desrochers should adore this series. Parents: there are mentions of drinking but since this story is written in another country where alcohol is more accepted, it is not glamorized -- just a fact of life. There are also sexual situations but nothing graphic and a just bit of language here and there.

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