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Emblaze (Embrace)

Emblaze (Embrace) - Jessica Shirvington MY THOUGHTSABSOLUTELY LOVED ITAfter coming to grips with her powers as a Grigori, Violet Eden must now save the world from evil, decide whether or not she needs a boyfriend, and still keep peace at home with her father who now decides to pay attention to her. She is again caught up in her triangle between Phoenix and Lincoln with some major consequences and although I can't rightly call this a love triangle any more , it does have some of those elements. Essentially, Lincoln has abandon her because he is not sure he can admit his feelings towards her, while Phoenix seems to know the score about the relationship between those two. Even though Phoenix is a bad boy with mommy issues, he does care about Violet while at the same time is using her as a means to his own end.There is so much excitement in this story. First off, you have Violet finally coming to terms with her powers, although I think there is more than meets the eye. It is alluded to a bit but I want to see more! I am still on the fence about Phoenix since I know he isn't right for Violet (SPOILER ALERT- highlight with your cursor to read) but he had every opportunity to destroy her, yet doesn't.. Oh and Linc really needs to get his act together and fight for Violet not just with her. All of my favorite minor characters are all present and accounted for like Steph, who supports her BFF with everything she has. Onyx and Dapper have a symbiotic thing going on but I can't really explain that relationship at all. I hope that gets clarified soon. Since this story focuses mostly on Violet, we only get brief glimpses of Phoenix and that little interlude is so telling. I sort of miss hearing more from Phoenix. This installment was a really fast read for me. I couldn't do a thing until I finished it and even then, I didn't want it to end. Actually, I would have been so upset if this one had ended the series since it left me hanging a bit. I am so glad I checked and there are at least two more to come after this one. I have so many unanswered questions about Violet and her mother, Evelyn, also I need to know what happens with Phoenix and Linc. Ahhh! So many things I need to know. Parents: there is language and some violence which I would rate at PG13 and I almost wish there was a bit more kissing. I have high hopes that I get that in the next installment which I think is called Endless.

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