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Entice (Embrace)

Entice (The Violet Eden Chapters, # 2) - Jessica Shirvington MY THOUGHTSLOVED IT++++slight spoilers if you haven't read Embrace++++The story picks up right where Embrace ended with Vi more confused than ever and almost hating men in general. She still has feelings for Lincoln and now that she has embraced her angel side, she has more power than ever although not all of the knowledge she needs to survive. Lincoln and his boss Griffin has slowly been doling out that information slowly to her so when more experienced Grigori show up to help train her and with some new members to help fight the Exiles -- angels that have embrace their dark side. Vi tries and tries to get Linc's attention but all she gets is a cold shoulder since he has been told there can never be any future between them because of *rules* between fighting partners. I really appreciated the fact that Nyla and Rudy come aboard and tell her that rule may bent and in their case it has made them stronger partners. Magda, a witch if there ever was, keeps taking Linc away from Vi and there may also be some weird interference from her connection with Phoenix. I guess this proves that your first always stays with you and for Vi that may be more than she bargained for. This gives a whole new meaning to unprotected sex. As Vi starts to put the bits and pieces together about her mother and exactly who Phoenix is, she comes into her own as a Grigori fighter. She finds that she herself must make choices about her own life. There is of course more epic battles and in all culminates in a major showdown as Vi becomes more comfortable in her own skin and with her own powers. The addition of some supporting characters help round out the story and add a pumch of humor. Along with Steph, there in now Spenc who adds some world weary humor. I expect more of him in the next installment, please! This one has less for parents to worry about since there is only Vi's unrequited love for Linc and some language as well as a bit of violence. Again, I read this one quickly and thought it had a bit of a faster pace than the first one. As Vi becomes stronger, I like her more.

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