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Sweetly - Jackson Pearce ***slight spoilers***In this new retelling of Hansel and Gretel (my first two dachshunds!), Jackson Pearce keeps the witch, adds some werewolves and a bit of creepiness that will really make you want to devour this. Ansel and his sister Gretchen have been thrown out by their stepmother when Gretchen turns 18 and they leave to drive as far as their car will take them. The car breaks down in Live Oak, SC where they find a job with the local candy maker, Sophia. It is rumored that she infuses her chocolate with magic and has a chocolate festival each year that leads the disappearance of teen girls. Gretchen still fearing the "witch" that stole her twin years ago is sensing the same activity here.Sam, a local, is very vocal about the disappearing girls and blames Sophia. Ansel and Gretchen get drawn into Sophia's world and can't imagine that she has anything to do with it until a seashell turns up on her doorstep and Gretchen finds it. It gets increasingly spooky as Gretchen finds more clues and hooks up with Sam who gives her even more answers about what is happening in the small town which he blames rightly on the Fenris. The Fenris (werewolves) first appear in Sisters Red, which will add to this book, but it is not required to fully enjoy this one. I love these fairy tale mash ups and Jackson Pearce takes them to a whole new level with keeping the theme of werewolves believable and incredibly threatening through out while remaining true to the original story of Hansel and Gretel.

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