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A Royal Pain

A Royal Pain - Megan Mulry MY THOUGHTSLOVED ITBronte really isn't looking for Mr. Right, she just wants someone. After dating Mr. Texas, she finds that although he is charming, he just isn't the right guy for her, even after moving to Chicago to see if the romance will go anywhere. She buckles down and becomes Career Girl. And to her surprise she meets an English guy. Now to fully understand Bronte, you need to know that she has a closet addiction to British royalty. She was enthralled when Diana married Charles, devastated when they divorce and distraught when she died. So meeting a guy with an English accent is probably the most attractive thing in a man she can find. She tells her new British guy, Max, all about her obsession, leaving nothing out. She figures that Max will be out of her life in the next month when he returns to England. Yep, Bronte has nothing to lose by being exactly who she is.The only problem with her plan is that Max, falls in love with her. Something she never imagined. And then he springs the bomb on her: he has to leave to Chicago because he has to go home to attend family business and an ill father. The family business being that he is a Duke! For all of Bronte's fearlessness, she comes off as a very sweet girl, one that Max would like to take home to meet his mother. His mother, Sylvia, is not amused by her son's choice. So should Bronte pick up and move for a guy again or stay put and not take a chance? Of course, she doesn't back down.I truly enjoyed this Cinderella retelling for a modern age. It was full of humor and wit-- lots of wonderful dialogue -- with great characters. There are parts of Bronte that any one can relate to -- especially when it comes to her father. He is particularly demanding of her and her only way to rebel is to become infatuated with royals. I found that immensely amusing. This is one of the better Chick Lit contemporaries that I have read in a long time! I am looking forward to more from Mulry.

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