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Burn Mark

Burn Mark - Laura Powell MY THOUGHTSREALLY LIKED IT 3.5 starsThe story focuses around Glory, a fifteen year old witch (or fae) that comes from a long line of spectacular witches and Lucas, who is the teen son of the chief inquisitor and shows a bit of witch in himself, something that causes major dilemmas within himself. The back story is that it is modern times and witches are practicing in public, but like anyone, there are good and bad. The bad use their skills for crime and ill gotten gain. The worst of these have bound together in gangs to control the worst of society. Lucas' father is the officer in charge of bringing the law breakers to justice and at times, put them to death by burning for capital crimes. There are parts of this story that reminded me a bit of Harry Potter mixed with the thieving gangs of Oliver Twist and definitely good versus evil but even that is mixed with shades of gray. I did get bogged down a bit by some of the very descriptive scenarios in some parts but that could be me. I have never been one for a lot of wordy descriptions and I am more of a dialogue person. Glory's wit made up for a lot of that. Lucas coming into his own as a fae even while he is trying to hide it made me like him even more. When the two get together and uncover some really interesting conspiracy theories the story really took off. Oh, and there are a LOT of characters to keep track of. Glory's gang of a family is complete with cockney accents while her other cousins are rich and posh. Lucas has his father and while his sister annoys him, she could be a standout later in this series. There are other minor ministers as well who try to thwart the two on their quest for the truth. Overall, there are some mentions of alcohol and drug abuse, some PDA and violence that is not that graphic, well, except for the recurrent theme of witches being burned at the stake.

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