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The Laird's Choice: Number 1 in series (Lairds of the Loch)

The Laird's Choice - Amanda Scott MY THOUGHTSLOVED ITAdrena McFarlan (Dree) lives with her father and two younger sisters,Lena and Murie in the Scottish highlands. There she seems to have a special gift where the animals in the forest and birds in the trees sense her feelings and keep her safe. Hawks are circling in the sky above her family's lands, letting her know that something there is amiss. When she meets three strangers there searching for an escaped slave and they beat a hasty retreat when the hawks come to her rescue, attacking them. When the dust settles, she is very disturbed when a man the size of a monition, Magnus Gilbraith, startles her. She wonders if her senses are failing her since she can normally feel any disturbance in her forest. Of course, the first question she asks him is if he is married since her father is intent on marrying her to the first man she finds acceptable.Magnus has his own history of being disowned as the third son and when he is captured and enslaved, his family doesn't try to ransom or rescue him. With the offer of a family and marriage to Dree, he feels he can restart his life and fight for his new family's land that has been taken by a usurper to the Scottish throne and a relative of the McFarlan clan. While the two seem perfectly matched, both have reservations but are strongly attracted. They understand the commitment required of them. This is the first book in a new series, so there is a lot of set up for the next books to come. I love Dree communication with the animals and at one point, I kept thinking of Disney's Snow White where the birds of the forest flocked around her. This series has a lot of promise and I can't wait for the next one which will be about Lina.

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