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Ecstasy in Darkness (Alien Huntress)

Ecstasy in Darkness - Gena Showalter YUM! As Gena's Website says she is "made of awesomeness". I have read almost all of Gena's books and if I haven't read them, they are on my shelf. I first discovered the Alien Huntress series when I picked up Red Handed, I fell in love with all of the characters. I know the series was first written for teens and I thought it was optioned for television show, but never heard any more about it. Fortunately, you can pick up any of the Alien Huntress novels in the series and not be lost with the characters or world they inhabit. The story centers around Ava and McKell, a vampire that falls for Ava. Ava is the kick-ass AIR (Alien Investigation Removal) agent-in-training. She is sent on a suicide mission with her friend, Noelle, to bring in the vampire, McKell. Of course, McKell falls for Ava and they both try to uncover his past while trying to save the world. There is another twist as well, with another agent , Dallas, trying to track down a zombie queen who is infecting the population. OK, so I don't think I have given too much away. The story is written with all of the snark and hotness you have come to expect from this author. Ava and Noelle's interactions alone are the stuff of one liners you will find yourself writing down to use on that special someone who annoys you. McKell can be annoying but does redeem himself nicely towards the end. You might also like:

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