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A Little Too Far

A Little Too Far - Lisa Desrochers LOVED ITLexie's life seems over when she catches her boyfriend-almost-fiancee sleeping around right when she is about to leave for college. She falls right into her step brother's arms and since the two have been extremely close, it just seems natural. Full of angst about the relationship she heads off to Rome for a year of study abroad. As an art history major, she is in the midst of all that she loves. Raised a Catholic, her guilt of this relationship eats at her, so she goes to confession thinking that the priest only speaks Italian. Well, she got that wrong and wandered into the only English parish in Rome. The Father sends her off to help with a mission with a young-almost-priest, named Alessandro, and he inspires really impure thoughts. As she gets settled in Rome and helping Alessandro inspire and teach youth art, the pair become extremely close. Now torn between her step brother, Trent and Alessandro, poor Lexie is more confused than ever. The story is brimming with conflict in this girl's brain. Between her love for Trent and her feelings for Alessandro, she really need to make a decision. Oh wow, this is one mixed up girl! Lexie acts like a teen when she should really have grown up by now. I am glad that she gets her act together by the end of the book and even though I can't imagine anyone having relationships this complicated, Desrochers manages to make the whole thing believable. I am so grateful that Lexie wasn't an "oversharer" on social media. She was at least mature enough to realize that could cause major problems for everyone concerned. I really enjoyed this story and look forward to the next series installment. This is recommended for mature teens since there is alcohol, sexual situations and language.

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