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Hot Ticket: Sinners on Tour

Hot Ticket: Sinners on Tour (The Sinners on Tour) - Olivia Cunning MY THOUGHTSABSOLUTELY LOVED ITThe Sinners are on tour and their last stop is Vegas, opening for the mega rock act, Exodus End. Jace is a bassist extraordinaire and a great person all around, even though he has a lot of self doubt and, at times, pity for himself. So when he meets Aggie, a free lance domme, it is love at first sight, although he does his best not to admit it. And Aggie, a no nonsense person with a heart of gold, finds herself falling as well against her better judgement. Add to the mix, her crazy and needy mother and you have a very fun and quick read filled with steamy scenes. In this latest edition of the The Sinners on Tour, we get the backstory on Jace, his hopes, dreams and fears and his need for pain. Of course, that all stems back to a horrible childhood and how rock and roll literally saved his life. Aggie's story is not much different, although her childhood was about ten percent more stable than the one Jace had. The best part is how they come together and fulfill each others dreams and desires. Of course, you also get the rest of the band since it is pretty much a package deal. I have to say, that the sex was a bit toned down in this one. There still is a lot but you get a lot more story in this. Jace barely survives fights and death in one instance. I also loved Aggie's mother, pain in the butt that she can be as she provided a lot of comic relief and drama. You can tell that even though Aggie has a tough exterior, she is really just a soft center full of love. Now, how long until we get the next installment?

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