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Unremembered - Sera doesn't remember anything at all when she wakes up in the hospital and she is told she is the only survivor of a plane crash. Now called Violet because of her eyes, she must learn basic life skills like brushing her teeth but she can do advanced math with her eyes closed. She can also learn just be glancing at the pages in a book as well as speak languages with no accent. When a strange boy appears to her and implores her to remember him, she thinks she is truly crazy. Violet/ Sera is now in the media and shipped off to a foster home where she tries to blend in but the boy won't leave her alone. She gets flashes of memories and the boy doesn't want to leave her alone. The locket found with her with the inscription S + Z = 1609, must be a clue to who she is. The first part of this book is a set up for the series to follow and even so it is full of action and not something I wanted to put down. With her foster brother, Cody, she starts to fill in the blanks and begin to get more and more clues to exactly who she is, so by the end of the book, you are not left with any doubts about where this book is going. The "Z" on her locket turns out to be a boy she has nicknamed Zen since he gives her peace. The potential for romance across time is one of the best starts I have read in a long time. Sera had the beginnings of a kick butt character that I can't wait to get to know better. There is, of course, an evil faction that wants to use her for ulterior motives and then Sera who finds herself at their mercy, but not for long. I really liked Sera and her relationship with Zen is somewhat Romeo and Juliet, since they aren't supposed to be together but are soul mates who always reunite. Zen is not fully fleshed out yet but I have high hopes for the next book. I know this reminded me a bit of other Sci Fi young adult books, but the writing is just so very special. Parents: a few kisses, some violence, some language but nothing too graphic.

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