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Steel - Carrie Vaughn ABSOLUTELY LOVED ITCarrie Vaughn is one of my favorite authors, so when she started to write young adult novels, I was more than thrilled to get a sneek peek at this one. Steel is just a fun and fabulous read that combines a bit of time travel with historical fiction. It has great characters and a believable plot. Well, as far as you can get with time travel and historical fiction. I found myself transported back in time and spent the afternoon googling the pirates named in the story.Jill is an overachieving sixteen year old that wants to be a fencing national champion. While on vacation in the Carribean, she stumbles upon a a piece of rusty steel and immediately knows that it is a sword. She goes for a boat ride with her family and gets washed overboard. When she comes up, Jill is rescued by a pirate ship in the eighteenth century. Let's just say that it is a really good thing Jill knows about sword play.There isn't much romance in this one and only one mention of a drunken situation where the pirates are more gentleman than today's teens could ever be. There is alcohol consumption, but with the time era, it is acceptable. I hope the author delves more into this type of story since I really enjoyed it.

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